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Entry #3

Finally older?!

2008-10-07 18:32:25 by Chickenfork

I finally turned a year older! Maybe it's time I actually start on something. I'm collecting dust and my grades are going down


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2008-10-07 18:38:03

The Value of Education

You'd be surprised how Valuable Education REALLY is...

some people in the world have to trade almost everything they owe to go to school...

some are risking battlefields, paying money, trading their kidneys...

Be happy that you have a chance to earn a degree in a field work of your choice...
Where as many people in the world are forced to be in sweat shops for a living.

As for getting inspired.

It's all about attitude in your mind and your perspective in life.

Don't be a Perpetual Mopes - Mental Anguish is all in your Head

You may have seen these types...

These kind of people are self-centered, self-loathing, and un-motivated.

Just Remember...the World doesn't owe them anything...and the situations in life are "far" worse than their little problems.

Child Slavery%u2028
Famine and Disease

One must really question their position in life...and whether it's something to REALLY get upset over.

Seek to find that solution in life! Take enthusiastic in your actions!

Winners are not those Pumped up athletes or the straight A students...

For those skills come easy to them...


Are the one who faulther...but Do not let themselves get down...those who pick themselves back up...and are confident in themselves and appreciates the support given...

Those are REAL winners.

They do not Give up on Life.

"Life is what you make of it. It is not so much whether or not we succeed. It's the ATTEMPT. But if you really want something, your gonna have to sweat for it."

In middle school...I was once such a Perpetual Mope...I wore alot of black...I was overweight...and I had tons of pimples...I was so depressed.

Then my friend told me .... pretty much what I just wrote above.

Then I got enthusiastic about trying to "better" myself.

I worked out...ate healthier foods...(lost my pimples - in one week... with Grape Seed Extract and Cut Junk Foods from my diet)

Pretty soon...I became a happy healthy surfer dude.

And I'm glad because I know that nothing in life is REALLY worth getting upset over.





Get a good night sleep and remember...

Take One thing at a Time

and Each a NEW DAY!

I personally want to be a fireman....what about you?

Chickenfork responds:

A starving musicican


2008-10-07 19:10:09 isn't about making's about living it the way you want to.

Most People have this mentality of Getting Rich or Cheating the system...

No....I know this to be 100% truth!

No Religion has taught me this...this comes from my own HEART <3

"The meaning of to live a 'meaningful' life"

Watch this Negrounds Movie. /400974


2009-06-17 02:45:58

I believe that this man has a point! You must live life to the fullest, and enjoy everything! A famous man once said, "work hard' so work hard! I want everybody to leave a long message inspiring this young animator to do his best and enjoy his life! C'mon people, leave long comments!

I remember when i used to be sad. Things didn't matter, and I just wanted to sit around and do nothing. But then I realized, Hey! I gotta do stuff. And then I felt better. See how easy it is? You just have to work hard!

Another funny story: I was reading a book, and feeling really sad, but then the book ended. Then i realized that it was just a book, and I was happy! Try to be inspired by the small things, like the ending of a book, or the frosting on a cold spoon. Good luck!


(I'm just messin with you man.)