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Finally older?!

2008-10-07 18:32:25 by Chickenfork

I finally turned a year older! Maybe it's time I actually start on something. I'm collecting dust and my grades are going down

How do I make good user pic?

2008-08-26 00:53:41 by Chickenfork

Anyone got any idea how to make that tiny pic that shows up when you review stuff better looking?
While I'm at it, anyone got any ideas on how to make my art suck less too? I always think it looks fine until I color something, then it sucks really bad. When I had shading kinda down it got a little better, but overall I suck at drawing.

Messed up with reviews again

2008-08-21 21:28:33 by Chickenfork

I hate it when I review something that sucks, but it turns out that I reviewed the wrong flash! Especially when the other flash is really good, it makes me feel awful I'm stuck with what I've done